There are many things that excite me – being creative and finding solutions is probably on top of my list. As a First Assistant Director, I’ve managed to add value and structure to all of my projects and this has inspired me to take on the next challenge and realize my dream of directing commercials.

My first project was for Converse: Ad agency, BUTLER, SHINE, STERN & PARTNERS came up with the concept of asking the ‘artistic community’ to create their own 24 second films that embodied the spirit of Converse. My ‘Pantsula’ was selected and aired on MTV Worldwide in 2004.

My imagination has always been captivated by filmmaking. In pursuit of this dream I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the world’s most creative and recognised directors.

I also love cooking for my wife and kids, surfing hollow waves and drinking a good cabernet!


Lady Luck - Music Video

Blue Bird Music Video

VW 'Spec' Commercial

Dhonaa Dance


PSA - Age In Action


Lance Acord (Park Pictures) – ESPN “One Game Changes Everything”

I literally met Lance Acord as I jumped into the crew van; apparently we were off on a director’s recce. Lance was armed with a couple of Bolex cameras and I quickly discovered that for him every opportunity to capture the magic is what’s most important. The “Robben Island” spot for ESPN’s 2010 World Cup campaign shot on location on Robben Island and inside of Madiba’s cell, all topped by South Africa hosting the World Cup, carried a lot of emotion and excitement for me.

Keith Rose (Velocity Films) – Prudential “South Pole"

What a rush it is to work with Keith! From pre-prod till you call wrap it’s a non-stop rollercoaster ride of creativity. Keith Rose is one of the best and he demands nothing less from you. On this project we faced several challenges, but fortunately we did all the snow FX in the controlled environment of a studio.

The cast however had a different story to tell. They had to wear authentic snow gear, brought in from Iceland, so performing in 25 degrees plus was no walk in the park for them. Luckily we managed to keep them going with lots of ice packs and water.

Michael Middleton (Jump Productions) – Vodacom “Rugby”

It’s always such a pleasure to work with Michael; he’s such a gentleman and one of the best storytellers in the business. On this project we had so much fun.

The San people are so kind-hearted and are just amazing to work with.

The scene where they play rugby was just so incredible to co-ordinate. Watch out Bokke!      

Slim (Egg Films) – Standard Bank “Tablets” 

Slim is just a great director who brings out the very best in everyone and is always open to suggestions. We had several challenges on this project, locking off the Johannesburg CBD, recreating a 1980’s setting, puppet-tronics and of course that gorgeous little girl playing the lead. To think she was only five and already so talented, completely unfazed by all the commotion around her.

Terence Neale (Egg Films) – Chicken Licken “Orphanage”

Terence is probably one of the most creative directors I know. With this script he really pushed all the boundaries of filmmaking to the next level. An amazing location and Paul Gilpin’s (DOP) eye makes for a beautiful spot filled with suspense and humour.

Frederic Planchon (Academy) – Halfords “The Trip”

Fred is on top of his game, which means you have to be one step ahead just to keep up. With Halfords “The Trip” we literally had a marathon of locations and battled massive limitations with the on set hours of the young cast. Throw in some bicycles, tracking shots and stubborn cows and you have a full heptathlon. Great director, fantastic results.




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